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Environment-friendly Soil Binding


SoilBinder is a liquid-concentrated soil stabilizer for natural soils that works on principles of nanotechnology. Treats and stabilizes all 17 AASHTO soil classifications except A-8 Peat (highly organic living moss) and increases load-bearing strength. ​ Our product is environmentally safe: Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive, Non-inflammable, and does not pollute groundwater. It works as follows:

1. Increases bearing capacity and decreases permeability. 
2. Controls the swell in clay soils and has no adverse reaction to high sulfates. 
3. Stabilizes fat expansive clay and sand.
4. A single low-energy process that allows traffic to be restored almost immediately.
5. Elimination of aggregate base rock reducing construction costs
6. Reduces carbon footprint.
7. Over more than 50% less expensive production costs.
8. Very low maintenance cost.

Our product can be used for TRANSPORTATION for example Roads - base stabilization of County/secondary roads · Full Depth Reclamation - 100% recycling of asphalt roads · Airfields - runways, shoulder & end safety areas. · Helipads · Parking lots) and OTHER CONSTRUCTION for example Houses (economical and fast), Production of bricks without burning, (just dry in the sun). · Economical and easy construction of dikes/ walls against water.