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SiWell Supplement

Scientists have known for over 40 years that silicon is an essential nutrient for all living creatures. However, little attention is paid to the role of this trace element in our diet, despite silicon deficiency being associated with various physical illnesses and symptoms. As a dietary supplement, silicon contributes to overall physical well-being and provides important health and beauty benefits.

SiWell Health & Beauty is based on this innovative, bioactive form of silicon. For additional health impact, SWell Health & Beauty is enriched with the essential trace elements Selenium and Zink. Mutually reinforcing effect of silicon. Like silicon, the element Selenium is also an important factor in bone metabolism. The combination of silicon and selenium appears to have a mutually reinforcing effect on (primarily) bone tissue. This effect also applies to plants, where the combination produces better results than each of the elements individually. In addition, selenium has a positive effect on several hormones as well as vitamin D and plays a vital role in energy and fat metabolism.

SiWell Health & Beauty is a stabilized silicon supplement that can be easily absorbed by the body. It helps to restore overall physical balance, and the results are surprisingly beneficial. The minerals silicon, boron, and zinc are trace elements. They are absolutely indispensable for the functioning of the human body; the body is incapable of producing these - just like certain vitamins. That is why they have to be available through nutrition. The human body needs silicon to build and maintain connective tissue structures. This requires a daily intake of silicon. SiWell is a new food supplement containing silicon that is easily absorbed. The combination of absorbable silicon with the (essential) mineral boron reinforces the effect that silicon has on the body.

1. Prevents or reduces the symptoms of arthrosis and osteoporosis.
2. Stimulates the growth of new bone, reduces the risk of fractures, and accelerates recovery.
3. Improves mobility and flexibility of joints.
4. Enhances elastin synthesis, which gives the artery walls (blood vessels) greater flexibility.
5. Strengthens the immune system and reduces inflammation

SiWell Health

Silicon and bones and joints: Silicon encourages the growth of new bone cells slows down bone disintegration and stimulates calcium metabolism. Low concentrations of silicon are found in osteoporosis patients, for example. Furthermore, silicon positively influences the production of collagen in the bone itself and also in the connective tissue. Research has demonstrated that silicon supplementation induces better bone growth and improved fracture healing while promoting joint mobility and flexibility. SiWell Health works as follows:

1. Makes the hair healthy and elastic and stimulates growth and volume.
2. Improves the strength of nails.
3. Rejuvenates the skin and reduces wrinkles.
4. Reduces or prevents skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis.

SiWell Beauty

There is a direct correlation between the concentration of silicon in the body and the condition of the skin, hair and nails. The first signs of silicon deficiency are thus mostly found in these areas: the skin and hair lose their strength and elasticity and nails become crumbly and fragile. These symptoms particularly occur with ageing because the concentration of silicon in the body declines as we get older. Supplementing the diet with extra silicon recovers the condition of skin, hair and nails and can result in a noticeable reduction in wrinkles. SiWell Beauty worse as follows:

Additional Information

Nearly 28 percent of the Earth's crust is composed of silicon, making it the second most abundant element on the planet after oxygen. However, silicon doesn't occur as a free element in nature. It can be found in the form of sand, pebble, rock, quartz, granite, and clay. Many silicon compounds exist, including silicates (oxygen), silicides (carbon), and silanols (hydrogen). There are also polymers, known as silicones, which contain silicon with carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and sometimes other elements. Very soon after the origin of life on Earth, silicon became an important metabolic element. Many organisms had an external skeleton made of silicon dioxide, which did not decompose after death. Diatomaceous earth is a sedimentary layer of the planet that consists almost entirely of these silica skeletons. Only relatively low concentrations of silicon are found in human tissue. Until the seventies, scientists, therefore, did not consider silicon to be essential for human metabolism. We now know that these small amounts of silicon are vital for good health. Silicon is increasingly regarded as an essential trace element in the human diet. However, it cannot be absorbed by the human body, with one exception: silicic acid.

Restoring the lost balance: Silicic acid is the only form of silicon that is absorbed by the body. It has a beneficial effect on all living organisms: humans, animals, and plants. Silicic acid is naturally found in both soil and surface water. However, as a result of intensive agriculture, practically all silicic acid has disappeared from the soil. Water pollution has accelerated its disappearance in surface water as well. Soil depletion due to modern, intensive agriculture does not only impact silicon levels but also influences the overall quality of our food. In 1900 for example, wheat was 90 percent protein, while today it is only nine percent. To consume the same amount of nutrients, we must now, therefore, eat ten times more bread than we did 100 years ago, which is of course impossible. As a result, our nutrient intake is declining. This includes silicon. As hardly any silicic acid is found in our food, today only a very small amount is absorbed by the body. Fortunately, it is possible to restore this lost balance by dietary supplementation with stabilised silicic acid. Over the past few years, a new method has been developed to stabilise naturally occurring unstable silicic acid. The result is stabilised orthosilicic acid, which is easily biologically absorbed by the body and therefore bioactive. Moreover, bioavailability is increased because the silicic acid is water soluble.

SiWell is developed with natural minerals. It is particularly good for maintaining healthy joints and strong bones. SiWell is good for the connective tissue throughout your body. SiWell protects the skin against aging, maintains the condition of your hair and keeps the blood vessels supple. Moreover, SiWell supports the immune system.

Recommended dose and how to take SiWell:
Recommended: 1 time a day. Take 8 to 12 drops of SiWell - preferably before breakfast - diluted in water or fruit juice. SiWell comes in a drop bottle, making it easy to mix the drops in 1/4 glass of water or fruit juice. Make sure to drink the mixture immediately. The recommended dose (8-12 drops) contains on average 4 mg of silicon and 1 mg of boron. Note: undiluted SiWell is quite sour and therefore, if taken in undiluted form it could be found to be pungent (create a tingling sensation in the mouth).