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Natural Micro Nutrients for Crops & Plants

The world is facing a food bubble in the next years to come. Due to several reasons, the agri output has to be increased. In addition, the income of the majority of farmers around the world is very poor. NewSil℗® can help to reduce this problem by being a boon for the farmers whether they adopt modern or traditional technology for cultivation. NewSil® is a water-soluble foliar spray based on stabilized ortho silicic acid in combination with the synergetic micronutrient boron. NewSil® has the following advantages:
- NewSil® increases crop yields by 20% to 50%;
- NewSil® reduces harmful pesticide application by at least 50%
- NewSil® improves the quality of the crops;
- NewSil® improves the taste of fruits;
- NewSil® increases the (a)biotic stress resistance;
- NewSil® shields the plant against infestations;
- NewSil® improves the rooting of the plant, so more uptake of nutrients and less legering and lodging.
NewSil® reduces the water demand of the plant due to less transpiration.The bio-efficacy of NewSil® on a wide range of crops has been established by extended field trials by universities and by ‘farmers' hands in many countries. NewSil® is absolutely safe and eco-friendly with its nutrients approved by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority). NewSil® reduces the carbon footprint because it enhances the synthesis of chlorophyll in the leaves and biomass in total substantially. Consequently, more CO2 is taken up reducing the climate change problem.

Natural Micro Nutrient for Poultry Animals

Although Silicon is the second most abundant element in the earth's crust, its absorption and retention by animals are sufficiently low for it to be classified as a trace element. It is essential for normal bone matrix formation and probably also for bone mineralization. Signs of Silicon deficiency include depressed growth, gross abnormalities of skull bone architecture, and leg bone abnormalities including reduced circumference, thinner cortex, and reduced flexibility.

CHICKSIL COMPOSITION / INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS: Water soluble Silicon based eco-friendly/natural non hazardous Poultry product Silicon plays an important role in glycosaminoglycan formation Silicon content is high in the metabolically active state of osteoblast Silicon performs multiple roles in: - Structural role - As a component of connective tissue (bone, Cartilage, Skin) - Metabolic function Silicon plays an important role in bone calcification. Silicon deficient chicks: - exhibit skull deformities - weak skeletons - thin legs - smaller combs

THE EFFECT OF CHICKSIL: - Increasing body weight of the Birds - Has a positive impact on the growth and development of Birds - Stronger bones - Birds are healthier and it decreases infections - Improves the quality of the meat and eggs.

Natural Micro Nutrient for Fish & Shrimps

AquaSil is a synergic formulation having stabilized silicic acid and selenium as active constituents. Stabilized silicic acid: makes silicon bio available which is able to stimulate, regulate and sustain continual diatom growth in almost all types of waters including fish ponds. It also controls the growth of toxic algae species called RED TIDES It controls fungal attacks which provoke generally secondary infections in fish and they occur mostly when other traumas such as injury (wounds) or diseases create an opportunity for fungal infection. A typical example is Saprolegnia, a ubiquitous fungus and a normal habitant of freshwater. This fungus attacks in cases of malnutrition, stress, shock conditions, parasitism, low oxygen, and wound formation with bacterial infection (injuries). Fishes develop white clotty tufts starting on both sides of the mouth and expanding all over the body. Rainbow trout is very susceptible to Saprolegniasis or similar fungi. The impact is big in lakes and fisheries and is responsible for the poor quality of fish flesh. Fish quickly appear with white and grey patches with a clotty fiber appearance on the skin. It further helps in - (1) Improvement in condition, strength, and resistance to disease, wellness, and vitality of culture, particularly during transportation. (2) Faster healing of ectoparasite-infected fish through therapeutic medication. (3) Suppression of secondary infection. (4) Inhibition of outbreaks of primary infection through a prophylactic application. (5) Detoxification of harmful metals and chemicals in the water.